I have had my share of credit problems but nothing in the past couple of years. Can I apply?

Initial Lending Group is looking for motivated individuals with responsible credit history. While you can qualify with some bumps and bruises there are certain things that may cause you not to get prequalified with us.

While 1-4 thirty day late payments are acceptable, none can be within the past twelve months. Bankruptcies and judgments will automatically be turned down. If there is a mistake on your credit report you will have to bring it up with the credit bureaus and have them completely remove it from your credit report before applying with Initial Lending Group.

Unpaid collections, charge-offs and any late payments of 60 days or more will also disqualify you from our program. See our credit tips page on ways to improve your credit.

Tax liens are taken on a case by case basis. Credit reports showing that a tax lien is unpaid will automatically be turned down by Initial Lending Group. If a tax lien is paid and showing unpaid on the credit report you will need to take it up with the credit bureaus to have them update you report. Factors taken into consideration with tax liens are time of lien, amount of money it was for and how long it was unpaid.

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