Does Initial Lending Group have any upfront fees?

Initial Lending Group does not have any kind of upfront fees at all. We strongly believe that a reputable company will not charge any fees upfront.

Initial Lending Group’s fees depend on which program we set you up with. Our fees are paid upon receipt of the funds. Initial Lending Group chooses the option to be paid by the client. By doing this we maintain having the customers best interests in mind while not increasing the rate to get paid directly by our credit providers. By getting paid by the client directly we maintain no risk to the client; if something goes wrong and the borrower is not able or does not need the funds anymore they are not bound to take it.

This enables Initial Lending Group to get the best rate for our customers that their credit will allow. Just 1% on the backend of a loan will greatly exceed our fee. Here at Initial Lending Group we take pride in putting our customers’ interest ahead everything else.

Keep in mind that our fee is the only fee that will have to be paid as well. Any fees associated with a loan/line of credit will be deducted from our fee. Initial Lending Group assumes all of the risk.

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